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Company History

Chinn Limited, based in Coventry, was established in December 1953 and located at the old colliery buildings in Bayton Road, Coventry, U.K.  Rapid growth created the need to move the 350 staff from the increasingly cramped conditions in 1956 to our current location on the Coventry Road.

The company, Chinn Ltd, was the foundation of what would become the J S Chinn Group, which at the height of its development in the late 1970s consisted of eight companies employing in the region of 2,500 people. The group owner Mr JS Chinn followed in his father's footsteps with regards to his choice of career: his father, Mr S A Chinn, was on the original board of directors for the Midland Sheet Metal Works Ltd.

Mr Chinn dedicated his working life to the industry, and it is fair to say that his group and its skilled local workforce were influential in the development of a great number of significant aeroengine, aircraft and guided weapon projects in the UK.

In 2008 Chinn became a member of the Nasmyth Group of companies. This has enabled investment in provisions of both resources and infrastructure to support the company as it uses its specialised capability and capacity to exploit the low-volume, high variety, complex fabricated parts in legacy sector, spares and reverse engineered product groups within the Aerospace, Marine, Defence and Power Generation market sectors.