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Fabrication & Welding

Chinn Limited maintain a wide skill base in sheet metal forming and joining techniques, including the following processes: -

Press Forming

  • Hydraulic Press and draw forming - maximum envelope 2m x 1m
  • Rubber Press forming - maximum envelope 2m x1m
  • Power Press

Brake Press

  • Manual and CNC - up to 3m in length

Panel and Stretch Forming

  • Panel forming - 3m x 3m working envelope
  • Stretch forming - 5m in length

Traditional Hand Skills

  • Wheeling
  • Metal manipulation
  • General non-welded assembly techniques


We specialise in welding aluminium, stainless steels, titanium and all heat resistant alloys.  In support of this activity, the dedicated facility for both fusion and resistance processes are fully compliant to NADCAP, International and Corporate standards.

Fusion Welding

Within the group we have the facility to offer precision TIG welding, both manual and automated, Plasma TIG, MMA welding & MAG welding, our welders are dual qualified to both NADCAP & AWS and hold current BS EN 287 codes for most materials, we also have in-house resistance welding and can again cover most materials.

We have a senior welding inspector qualified to CSWIP 3.2 to co-ordinate and monitor all welding from start to finish of the project.

Resistance Welding

  • Spot, Stitch, Seam & Micro-Spot welding supported by an extensive lab for mechanical testing.

These operations are complemented by a fully equipped and accredited X-Ray and Dye-Penetrent inspection facility.